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Hello, readers! My name is Amy, I am a graduate student at Iowa State University, and I am an internier this summer in the Core Financial Group with Thomas (you can read more about me at “.

So, the first day started as I imagined it would be orientation and not, but when I went to the Tower of the Tower for lunch with my leader and some of my other departments, I became very stunning …

Fortunately, everything started at this point (

On the very first day, my leader had a list of tasks that were hoist for my duties during the summer, when I was training him with a calendar that filled the entire length of my time here for this internship.  No day has passed so far, where I didn’ t have anything to do.

Along with an attempt to get to know my department and building (which, by the way, is a skyscraper and the tallest building in Iowa, so … it’s quite cool-though I’m only on the floor of 12 out of 42, but it’s not a point!), I also work to get to know the main campus and the Des Moines Skywalk campus. With my great sense of direction (sarcasm), I have already lost more time than I want to confess. But I’m more and more surprised every day when I find out where I need to go to a meeting or something to eat. Now, when I know that Corporate 4 is also K-Buildings (A-A-Building is a complicated one) and that every building has at least two names, if not more, it makes it a little easier to figure out where I should go. Passing 10 minutes from the parking lot before I get to my stall, though not the perfect one, also helped me to get acquainted with the pedestrian street in the city center (at the same time that I’m going back to school on foot … well, it’s not Winter!) ..

Another thing I’m still working on is my 40-minute gun for the daily work from Ames. Although it was a struggle to get up before I should have lived in the same city where I worked.

One thing I’ve learned to move between full-time work in the summer to be a student for the rest of the year is that.The director’s job really made me appreciate everything that this company has to offer. How many people can say that they are paid to play “dod-ball”, to borrow their ping-pong skills and try to win a football game against their manager on the campus HR campus during normal business hours? How many people can say that they can spend time on volunteering and expect them to work during the week? And how many people in the corporate world can say that they get jeans for days … not only on Fridays, but whenever there is.

While these are some of the things I’ve been through, I also believe in it.

I found out.

Obviously, the interns don’t have the same experience as those who have worked here for many years, and because it’s okay if something doesn’t make sense.

All the work I’ve had in my life, I get it.

Stay next week to get more information about internships from Sean, another new writer and intern at the Principal ..

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